La Paz


In January 2014, at the approach of the fiftieth anniversary of the Bolivian Catholic University "San Pablo" the editorial committee of the journal Science and Culture decided to devote several half-yearly review the development of "the sciences and the arts" numbers, not only in Bolivia but in the world, in those fifty years of life that celebrates the University (1966-2016). This is the fourth issue of this series dedicated to relievar such anniversary. In the three previous issues we have published articles by various specialists from different disciplines, both scientific and artistic and cultural discourse who were responsible for the development of their specialties. In the first worked for that purpose number (No. 32, June 2014) highlighted, for example, the brief history of half a century of the Catholic Church, scholarly work written by the priest Diego Rafael Picardo. And the following may be mentioned as significant examples, "The Bolivian economy in the last fifty years: reflections on the long-term development," by Juan Antonio Morales, or "Cincuentaiún years of poetry in Bolivia and Chile, 1964 -2015 ", written by the professor of the Catholic University of Bolivia, Monica Velasquez Guzman, and the Chilean poet Fernando Wyngarde go.


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